Interoperability Testing Bundle

This bundle is for non-production HISPs and PKI implementation that wish to perform interoperability testing.
This interoperability testing bundle is intended for non-production HISPs and/or non production PKI implementations to perform interoperability testing with other HISPs and/or PKI implementations. Anchors in this bundle represent entities that are in a non-production mode, and relying parties should be fully aware that they will be communicating with non production systems. No real PHI should be communicated using this trust bundle.

HISP-Anchor Inclusion Requirements

Trust anchors are submitted to the DirectTrust admin inbox at with the subject “Interop test anchor submission” along with the following attachments and information:

  • Name of HISP
  • All trust anchor file(s)


  • The combination of HISP and anchor should not be used in a production environment.

Bundle Download

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Bundle Members

Click here to see a table of the current bundle members.

Interop Reporting Form

Report results between your endpoint and a counter party.

Interop Testing Bundle Members

HISP NameAnchor CNCA OperatorRA OperatorCertificate Type(s)Federated
Cerner CorpCernerDirect Cert Professional Community CACerner CorpCerner CorpOrg LevelY
Cerner CorpCernerDirect Staging Provider CACerner CorpCerner CorpOrg LevelY
EMR DirectEMR Direct Test CAEMR DirectEMR DirectOrg and Address LevelN
Athenahealth, Inc.Athenahealth Direct CA-2AthenahealthAthenahealthOrg LevelY
MedAlliesMA_subTCA02AMedAlliesMedAlliesOrg and Address LevelY
MaxMDMaxMD Certify CADigiCertDigiCertOrg and Address LevelY
SurescriptsSurescripts CI STAGING NON-PROD Anchor
Texas Department of State Health Serviceshsgdirect.dshs.texas.govN
Secure Exchange SolutionsSES Root CA Root CAN Root CAN
Health Companion DemoHCDirectDemoSubcriberCAN
DataMotionDataMotion Direct Certificate Authority - DEVELOPMENTDataMotionDataMotion
HealthunityDigiCert Direct Med CADigiCertDigiCert
Rochester RHIORochester RHIO Intermediate CADigiCertDigiCert
InprivaInpriva Direct-1 CA IOTest
VA VLER Direct Secure Health MessagingFederal Bridge CA 2013Federal Bridge CA 2013N
VA VLER Direct Secure Health MessagingIdenTrust Global Common Root CA 1IdenTrustIdenTrustN
AthenahealthAthenahealth Test Direct CA-1AthenahealthAthenahealthN
Surescripts Surescripts Staging Issuing Certification AuthoritySurescriptsSurescriptsN
CareEvolutionCareEvolution Test Direct CAN
Quest DiagnosticsCare360 Direct Intermediate CADigiCertDigiCertN
The Health Collaborativehbdirecttest.orgHealthbridge HealthBridgeN
San Diego Health ConnectSDRHIE Test Certificate AuthoritySDRHIE Test Certificate AuthoritySDRHIE Test Certificate AuthorityN
Informatics Corporation of America (ICA)ICA Root Certificate AuthorityICA Direct Certificate AuthorityICA Direct Certificate AuthorityN
DataMotionDataMotion Primary Root CADataMotionDataMotionN
Secure HITdirecttest.securehit.netMaxMDMaxMDN
ReLi Med SolutionsReLi Med Solutions Direct Root AuthorityReLi Med SolutionsReLi Med SolutionsN
BCBSMS Test HISPbluecrossblueshieldofmississippi.comN
Mediosdirect ROOTN