Interop Validation Bundle

This bundle contains anchors for HISPs that are undergoing the interoperability testing phase of the Accreditation Trust Bundle process.
This bundle is for HISPs in the interop testing and validation phase of entering the accreditation bundle. HISPs in the bundle have achieved preliminary approval, and will remain in this bundle until they have either successfully tested with all selected partners, have been removed due to exceeding the testing time limit, or are removed for administrative reasons. Relying parties to should only use this bundle if they have been selected as a testing partner to one of the HISPs in the bundle. Note that members of this bundle are in constant fluctuation and is not intended to be used for day to day production purposes.

Bundle Download

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Bundle Members

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Interop Validation Bundle Members

HISP NameAnchor CNCA OperatorRA OperatorCertificate Type(s)Federated