Interop Testing App

Over time, DirectTrust policies and industry standards continue to evolve in the pursuit of improved security, trust, and robustness.  It imperative that HISPs in the DirectTrust Trust Anchor Bundle remain in compliance with the latest policies and standards.  For these reasons, HISPs must complete ongoing interoperability testing to ensure that they remain in compliance with the DirectTrust Trust Anchor Bundle requirements.

What is it?

The Interoperability Testing App executes a series of tests against a HISP to validate compliance not only with DirectTrust policies, but also basic compliance with the Applicability Statement for Secure Health Transport.  Upon test completion, a report is generated and sent to one or more registered email addresses containing the test results.

Who can use it?

The Interoperability Test can be utilized by any DirectTrust HISP in good standing.  The app is also the required means to complete ongoing interoperability testing as specified by the DirectTrust Trust Bundle Standard Operating Procedures.

How do I gain access to the app?

Click on the button below and use the registration form to create an account in the app.  DirectTrust Administration will review your account and, if approved, you will receive and email notifying that you can begin using the app.