DirectTrust Trust Network Services

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The value of the DirectTrust’s anchor certificate and bundle services are, from DataMotion’s perspective:

  1. The Services builds trust among providers in the HISP network.
  2. Enables DataMotion to enjoy credibility and trust in the market by validating our reliability.
  3. Allows DataMotion to focus on providing superior directed exchange services, unburdening it from the need to maintain a large legal/contracting/policy capability.
  4. Allows a small entrepreneurial company to compete successfully with larger companies.
Hugh Gilenson

Director, Business Development, DataMotion

For the benefit of our clients and Cerner, the DirectTrust Anchor Certificate Service provides a single place with which to:

  1. securely obtain the necessary certificates to enable Direct communications with other HISPs;
  2. raise confidence in using Direct by knowing the Directed exchange providers in the bundle offer an equivalent level of transparency and accountability toward best practices for Directed exchange and;
  3. reduce operational costs by eliminating the expense of participating in multiple contractual agreements and evaluation processes.
Andy Heeren

Director of Network IP, Cerner Corporation

As a nationwide healthcare services provider, Athenahealth prides itself on guaranteeing the highest level of security and trust for everyone in our network. DirectTrust’s trust anchor bundle is an instrumental component in accomplishing growth through adoption of a new technology while maintaining the highest level of trust with our clients. Without a trust anchor bundle service, Athenahealth, as well as other HISPs, would be required to establish multiple, bilateral agreements as a perquisite to testing and implementation. Establishing these agreements can be iterative and time consuming; we appreciate being part of a solution that allows us to focus on improving the exchange of healthcare data with trading partners who come to the table with the highest level of trust already in place.
Stephen Jacobs

Product Innovation, Athenahealth